iMessage not working over LTE/3G

I can't believe there are certain things that Apple has been so stupid about. Needless to say the iMessage fiasco. But wait, there is more.

There is no Cellular Data setting for Messages - the app that handles your SMSs. However, the USP of the app is that it intercepts your messages and sends them over a data connection to the recipient's Apple Id, when both sender and receiver are registered for iMessages.

However, whether to use SMS service or data, is determined based on sender's connection state, not on recepient's. That's STUPID.  Imagine you're out in the woods where there is no wifi or cellular data available. Or maybe you turned off data because you were about to cross the monthly limit.
Now, a friend, who is also registered for iMessage, sends you a message. Guess what! you will NOT receive the message until you get a working data connection.

And if that's not stupid enough, get this. To bypass the problem I just described above, you may decide to turn on Cellular Data, just for iMessages. But there is no such option. NONE.

Alternatively, you could also fall into another trap. You turn on Cellular Data assuming thats all it takes for iMessages to work. WRONG AGAIN.

Turns out that the Settings app needs a data connection enabled, if you ever want iMessages to work reliably.

Now who would have thought that ....