Restoring iPad after password lock-out.

Restoring an iPad after its password is lost and account locked out. (Repeated attempts to log-in with wrong passwords result in lock-out).

I tried this on iPad 64 GB Wifi+3G First Generation model. Should work on other models too.

THE EASY WAY: The easy way out of this situation is to use iTunes to reset the password,  however this works when done from the same computer which was used for last sync.

THE HARD WAY: This invariably erases everything on the device and installs the latest version of iOS.

Here's how-to:
  1. Plug iPad into your computer, open iTunes. Note that iTunes would either not recognize the iPad or decline to read it as it is locked-out.
  2. Press and hold Power and Home keys simultaneously on your iPad.
  3. When the "Slide to Power Off" screen comes up; release the Power Key. Continue holding the Home Key.
  4. When the Apple logo is displayed, release the Home Key.This would initiate the restoration and a message would be displayed in iTunes on your computer.
  5. Once you initiate the Restoration thru iTunes, it gets messier. This is when iTunes downloads the iOS software to your computer before the actual restoration begins.
  6. 10 out of 10 times, when iTunes tried to download the OS, it timed out. So I had to look for alternatives  like downloading the OS myself. (You can get the download links from osxdaily.com).Tried downloading the file using Chrome or IE - both s(t)uck! Then I used Download Accelerator (DAP), it was a breeze. Highly Recommended.
  7. Once you have the OS software (*.ipsw) on you local drive, go back to step 2 above.
  8. Just this time, hold the Shift Key down when you click the "Restore" button. This will let you use your downloaded"ipsw" files for restoration instead of trying to download it from Apple.
  9. Also, you should download the most recent version of OS software or you will run into a "1394" error. (There are some hacks to get around that too...).
  10. From here onwards - the existing software, data, music, games, movies and anything that was stored on the iPad before will be permanently erased and the new iOS will be installed. Not to mention, the password lock will also be gone.
To be able to download any apps on iPad or iTunes on your computer, you will need an Apple Id. However, the registration process "requires" that you put down your credit card details. Which is both ridiculous and ludicrous.

But there is hope. Only at the time of setting up a new Apple Id, you will have the option of not providing your Credit Card info. But if you have already created an Apple Id, and even though you can use that to log into the Apple Store, you would not be able to download any apps until you link a Credit Card to your account. Which is again both ridiculous and ludicrous.