Apple Pay at Macy's (Freehold) - NO GO

If cashier can't tell Apple Pay from Pay Pal you know there is a problem.
The indicator at the NFC payment terminal was green and the phone beeped and vibrated
but no payment was registered. I tried it a few times, got frustrated. The cashier was not sure how 'phone' payments work. So I took out my card and swiped the old fashioned way.

Macy's was one of the first stores to support Apple Pay and it's been about a year since then.
Also, this method of payment is anything but faster. Every store where it "worked" required me to select Credit/Debit and then sign using the stylus.

So if you still remember the "demo" http://www.cnet.com/videos/apple-pay-demo-on-iphone-6-and-new-ipad/, just remember this is NOT how it works in real life.


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